Monday, March 30, 2009

I now fully understand the meaning of "this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you".

Near the end of last year my sister suggested that we start a 'family dinner' held at each other's houses every other Sunday night so that our kids could be sure to have that time to see each other and play with each other.  So far it has gone pretty well.  However, I feel that when dinner is at our house some sort of chaos is likely to ensue.  We've only had it here four times.  One of them had to be rescheduled and only my brother-in-law and nephew were able to make it.  The time after that, the one and only snow of the season started a half hour before.  We got ten inches.  So I should have known something is just off when dinner is at our house.
So Sunday my sister and her husband and my nephew come over and we put dinner in the oven and start setting up "The Office: Trivia Game" for which Todd and I have been preparing for like three weeks now.  When what happens?  Well, I hear crying and my sister saying "Bailey fell and um...she's bleeding".  I turn to see my sister picking up Bailey and prepare for the worst.  It was bleeding pretty bad, as I undestand head wounds do and I ran to get her.  I no longer get her in my hands then Todd says she's going to need stitches.  In a rather quick, but still disorderly way we got Bailey ready and in the car leaving Coop here with his aunt, uncle and cousin.  We had called the emergency center beforehand and they were ready with paperwork partially filled out before we got there.  We were called in almost immediately and taken to the suture room. 
The doctor said stitches were preferred as they would heal leaving the least scarring.
So a nurse held her head and Todd and I sat on either side of her as they gave her a shot of painkiller and began the suturing.  I might add here that I have never had stitches until Bailey was born, so I had no idea what to expect.  In a lot of ways I really do feel it was harder for me than for her.  She screamed, she fought, she turned redder than I have ever seen anyone turn all while we were holding her down.  She was quite angry. She got five stitches.
Surprisingly we were able to get her stictched up and were back home in just under one hour.  Bailey was smiling and playing and running around as soon as we were in the door.  She is one tough cookie.
She isn't even afraid of the toy she fell on.  This is her today, trying to get to the off-limits toy.
Hopefully, this is her first and last experience with stitches, but I don't know. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why Everyone Should Have A Springer.

When Todd and I went dog hunting oh so many years ago we were in disargreement, as we often find ourselves, over which breed of canine would be a new member of our family.  I wanted a Golden Retriever, because have you seen Air Bud?  OK, I haven't either, but I wanted a golden-because well I just did.  Todd wanted a Springer Spaniel, because he likes to be just like his brothers and sister whenever he can.  Needless to say, I won round one and Max entered the family just over five years ago.  After less than a year however, we were 'adding' to the family again.  This time we got a springer.  Jake has been a good dog.  Before I got pregnant with Bailey and Cooper he was my 52 lb lap dog.  But I never realized just how great a dog Jake was until Bailey and Cooper were born.  He is the most gentle (lazy) loving (needy) dog I have ever seen.  The kids can climb all over him and he doens't seem to mind.  Max on the other hand, likes to pick and choose when he wants to be affectionate.  Jake is always ready for love.

Valentine's Day 2009

So Aunt Sue told me about a much easier way to put pictures on blogger so finally the pictures of Valentine's that I have been wanting to post but couldn't get loaded.  I even posted a few extra because it was so easy.
Xavier and his mommy came over to plat with us.  Each of the kids had gotten these big balls from Target (for only 2.48!) and the kids love them.  They know which one belongs to each of them and it isn't pretty when one tries to 'trade'.

Starship Imagination

Todd finished the playroom about three weeks ago but I have been having trouble posting photos on blogger, I have a lot more of the kids I will try and post in the next week or so, but for now welcome to our spaceship.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cooper's New Do

We recently got 10 inches of snow and have been staying close to home all week. This is what happens when you have cabin fever from too much snow and have nowhere to go.