Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last week Cooper was on a nap strike. That or he has signed up for some sport that requires him to be able to jump 3 feet high and he was diligently practicing over the side of his crib. On Thursday afternoon I finally moved him into the playroom so that at least Bailey could have her beauty rest. I was in the process of making vegetables stock (my new favorite past time) and decided to whip up a few quick breads. I decided that it might be fun to make some bread with Cooper as my sous chef. I brought him downstairs and put him on the island and set about explaining what everything was and letting him, after I measured everything, add it to the mixing bowls. It was a tad bit messy but it was so much fun. We both had a blast. I was a little worried that it may not tasted as well because a few ingredients missed the bowl but I figured the experience was worth it. I even made a few mega-muffins and let him put the crumb topping on, he put all of the crumb topping on one muffin.

They have turned out to be the best pumpkin muffins and bread I have ever eaten. Bailey agrees with me. This morning we had the last of our Ego waffles (there appears to be a nation wide shortage) and I was eating some of the Pumpkin bread. Bailey wasn't eating her waffle so I went over and asked if she was done eating. She looked up at me and said "I want pumpkin". And I'm a big fat sucker. Because hearing my 22 month old daughter say that she wants a food that I wouldn't even try until I was 26 made me go back on one of hang ups to never let my children eat something other than the thing I made for them. But fresh bread is so much better than frozen belgian waffles that I couldn't resist. We ended up all partaking in the delicious bread Coop made last week.

I can't wait to make Christmas Cookies with them.