Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Silly Blogger

I have been trying to post pictures for over a week now here on The Thomas Twins with no luck. Finally, today during nap time I tried uploading pictures one at a time and that did the trick.

After nap the other day Cooper wanted to hang out in Bailey's bed, see those arms, Coop crawls up to and pulls up on everything, then he turns around and puts his arms up like this, I think it is adorable. Bailey who was just waking up, wasn't much up for company.
She was rather busy consuming, or trying to consume, her blanket.
Finally, we got out of bed and had a little play time. Those socks match more in person, I just noticed they seem several shades lighter on film.
Coop sped away as soon as he was taken out of his sister's crib. Gotta love the backside of a crawling tot.
Lately, these stuffed animals are his favorites. Especially the lion and giraffe. He likes to knock them over and crawl all over them, babbling away.
Once, Bailey was finally awake she started doing her thing. Her 'thing'? It's somewhere between dancing and aerobic exercises, but it is hilarious.

And up, really, really fast over and over.

Making this face. It is a smile. Really. That's her new smile.
And that is Coop, not smiling and not showing you his new additions!! Two new top teeth!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Episode 2
Undercover Monkey

Once upon a time, a few days ago, in Bedroomland, Cooperman and Baileygirl heard a rumor that the Monkey King was planning something terrible. So to find out what he was up to they decided that one of them should go undercover to the Zoo where the Monkey King was being held. Cooperman (the obvious choice for the job) sprang into action.

Baileygirl waited patiently outside.

As soon as Cooperman found out where the Monkey King kept his secret diary he hurried out of the zoo to meet Baileygirl.

"I'm surprised that they let you out of there," Baileygirl joked.
"Save the funny stuff," Cooperman said, "we've got to get to the Monkey King's Jungle Fortress fast."
"Well, maybe it's time for some quicker transportation," Baileygirl said.

"Maybe it is," Cooperman thought. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well, while you were Monkeying around, I went ahead and ordered us some new race cars."

"This is awesome! See you later lion."

"I have to think of everything around here. Come on, lets go."

But the Monkey King had learned about their plans, and sent one of his henchmen to stop them.
"Look out!"

"I could use a little help here," Baileygirl shouted. "You are supposed to be the strong one aren't you?"

"I'll handle this chimp."

"Take that!"

"You handled that alright," Baileygirl said. "Did you have to squish him?"

"Hey, he's not attacking you anymore is he?"

"Well get him out of there."

"I think the car is O.K., but we're almost to the Jungle Fortress, so I'm going to walk the rest of the way."

Because Baileygirl didn't have a monkey suit she had to wait with the cars, again.

"Hey, this gives me an idea."

"I made it. So this is the Monkey King's Jungle Fortress."

"What was that?"

"Oh no, it's a trap."

"I wish he'd hurry up in there."

"I found the Monkey King's Secret Diary."

"I know what the Monkey King is up to," reports Cooperman.

"Good," Bailey girl says. "I'm getting hungry."



Saturday, September 13, 2008


And then of course there is dinnertime. Just as caotic as breakfast and usually results in children heading straight from the high chair to the bath. We have started giving the twins toast, pasta, green beans, etc. There are few pictures of Cooper because he has the whole pinching concept down and he doens't tend to make a mess, or at least as big a mess, as his little sister.

So the other night, I thought I would give the twins their own plate with pasta. Bailey liked the plate more than the pasta.
Is this edible? she wondered.
I guess I'll just have to find out.

Not bad.
It's better than the stuff my mom used to force on us, she thought to herself.
She's probably right. These are supposedly green beans.


Have I told you about breakfast at our house, oh that's right, I did. Well here's the proof of all the fun we have here in the a.m.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged? Me? Really?

It appears I have been tagged by Haley. Thanks Haley I always wanted to be tagged until you tagged me and I realized how boring I truly am, so here it goes even though I should be mopping my disgusting floors or going to bed (but I just knew everyone was dying for my post).

10 Years ago:

  1. My last name was Vernon.
  2. I had a huge crush on a musician friend of mine.
  3. I was still in high school.
  4. I was driving an '89 Pontiac Sunbird and loving it.
  5. I had a job as a cashier at a Winn-Dixie grocery store.

Things on Today's To Do List:

  1. Wash somewhere between 10 and 190 bottles.
  2. Go walking with Sherrie and Dakota.
  3. Review 10 movies, I am falling behind.
  4. Visit with Grandma Pam and Great-Grandma Lois.
  5. Kiss Bailey 857 times and Cooper at least half that many times before they ask me never to kiss them again because their friends can see us, I fear that will be here before I know it.

My Favorite Snacks:

  1. Cherry Coke
  2. Potato Chips of almost every variety
  3. Soft Pretzels
  4. Strawberry Oreos
  5. Chocolate Fiber One Bars

If I had a Million Dollars:

  1. I would have a million kids or at least a half dozen more.
  2. Travel to Ireland.
  3. Buy a jet to visit Arizona on a bi-weekly basis.
  4. Buy a Nikon D3.
  5. I know you all are waiting for me to say something really interesting but I would probably just invest the money and watch my money make more money, pay off debt, donate to charities and buy Baby Gap items even when they were not on SALE!!!

Places I have lived:

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina
  2. Cary, North Carolina
  3. Monroe, Virginia
  4. Lynchburg, Virginia
  5. Evington, Virginia

I tag: Erin, Ricky, Ivy, and Jaidyn (it's about time she gets a blog, don't you guys think?)

oh, and Todd, definitely Todd.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend: Sunday

Third Annual Hunters Mill Block Party

The year that we moved to Hunters Mill several families got together and threw a block party for the entire neighborhood. It was held on Sunday evening and everyone brought a dish. There was a band and free water and soft drinks. I loved the idea as we had just moved here in April and didn't know a lot of the people who lived around us. We brought candy apple salad and NO ONE ate it and then they threw it away so every year since we have brought Potato Salad...from Sam's. Every year it grows and they encourage family and friends to attend. This year we brought my Grandmother, Father, Sister, Nephew and Brother-in-law.

Bailey wearing her Daddy's hat.
With something in her mouth. I have noticed that almost every picture taken this past week she has had something in her mouth, maybe she's finally getting more teeth!
Our nephew, X-Man.
He was quite the hit at the block party. There seemed to be a lot of babies and toddlers this year.
X-man and my brother-in-law, Chris. Four families in one cul-de-sac get together and rent tables and umbrellas and supply the paper products and drinks, as well as hire the band and rent trash cans. And a porta jon. Yeah, they aren't that friendly with their neighbors as to share their restrooms. The last two years we have owned the house right up the street (our Spec house) and have been able to use that rest room, thank goodness. When we were building our house I used to drive almost ten minutes away to use the restroom at Sheetz (which was only a little better).
Cooper with his Great Grandma Betty.
Bailey and Daddy.
The Colberts (pronounced: Kohl-bears).

That is our nieghbor Tom, they live next to us, they are really nice. His band, The Groove Monkey's performed this year. When we moved here Tom and Pam really took us in and we have become really good friends over the past two and a half years.
The Groove Monkeys.