Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Silly Blogger

I have been trying to post pictures for over a week now here on The Thomas Twins with no luck. Finally, today during nap time I tried uploading pictures one at a time and that did the trick.

After nap the other day Cooper wanted to hang out in Bailey's bed, see those arms, Coop crawls up to and pulls up on everything, then he turns around and puts his arms up like this, I think it is adorable. Bailey who was just waking up, wasn't much up for company.
She was rather busy consuming, or trying to consume, her blanket.
Finally, we got out of bed and had a little play time. Those socks match more in person, I just noticed they seem several shades lighter on film.
Coop sped away as soon as he was taken out of his sister's crib. Gotta love the backside of a crawling tot.
Lately, these stuffed animals are his favorites. Especially the lion and giraffe. He likes to knock them over and crawl all over them, babbling away.
Once, Bailey was finally awake she started doing her thing. Her 'thing'? It's somewhere between dancing and aerobic exercises, but it is hilarious.

And up, really, really fast over and over.

Making this face. It is a smile. Really. That's her new smile.
And that is Coop, not smiling and not showing you his new additions!! Two new top teeth!!

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sue said...

I love that you are worried about her socks matching, have you seen how my kids dress? I guess the difference is that mine are dressing themselves so I am no longer accountable for the lack of matchingness.

I can't get over how big they are getting.