Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend: Saturday

All summer Great Grandma and Grandpa (should we give them silly names or let the kids call them whatever they see fit?) have been telling us they would visit us over the holiday, they almost decided not to but at the last minute they surprised us and came for a visit anyways. Bailey was very happy to see Great Grandma Elizabeth (we grew up calling her Grandma P) because she always wears beaded jewelry just for Bailey to pull on. My Grandmother kept telling me that she brought different necklaces because Bailey is so interested in them, I thought it was very sweet until Bailey started to pull on her clip on earrings.

Grandpa Tony is a little nervous holding the little guys even though he has five children and 8 grandchildren. We keep telling him they aren't made of glass but secretly we are happy that he is especially careful with them.

Grandpa Tony with The Grip on Cooper.

Cooper was pulling on Grandpa and Bailey was spitting up on him, it was pretty hilarious. All weekend my Dad kept saying "Cookouts are nice but the reason we come is the kids".

Saturday we had a cookout at my sister's house but I didn't take any photos, sorry. We met a lot of people and Coop had a lot of fun with the bigger boys who were very sweet and careful with him. We discussed Breaking Dawn, the merit of different Mac and Cheese recipes and how little we swam at Hill City Pool this year.

Later: Labor Day Weekend: Sunday


sue said...

I want to hear about the Mac&Cheese merits.

Your dad and grandma are really cute with the twins.

Thomas Family said...

THey have these special Mac & Cheese crackers now.

Ward and June said...

We were just discussing different recipes and how the simpler ones are better, you know that sort of thing. I have seen those Mac and Cheese crackers, have you guys eaten them? They seem a little strange to me.

Thomas Family said...

We haven't tried the crackers yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Annie spots those at the store and wants them.

Ward and June said...

Yeah, I bet. Have your girls had Lil' Crunchies from Gerber? Bailey and Cooper love them, and they remind me of those Mac and Cheese crackers, probably more boring though.

Have either or you ever put Mustard in your Mac and Cheese? I haven't, I just make the yummy Kraft recipe, but my sister tried a new recipe with Mustard and well, it wasn't very good.