Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why I Love Having Twins...

Believe it or not, twins aren't bad at all. There were a couple of weeks in the beginning when I felt like I wasn't spending/getting enough one on one time with each of them and feedings were, well feedings were the most difficult part of the twin equation until I decided at five months to spend all week 'teaching' them how to hold their bottles, and life has been great ever since.
They are not actually dressed alike, it only appears that way. They had other T-shirts on but I was afraid they would get sweet corn casserole and green beans on them so I took them off. This is after dinner.
They are already fighting over toys. Coop will crawl over to Bailey just to take a toy from her and then he drops it as soon as she stops fighting for it back.
Bailey asking me to step in.
Coop telling me not to.
They sat down at the same time, well Bailey pulled him down with her and he didn't throw a fit about it. It is a lot of fun just to sit back and watch them play, if they let me. If I get down on the floor it becomes lets crawl all over mom and pull on her shirt hour.
They love this toy. We bought it so they would have something 'safe' to pull up on and they really love it and all the noises. I also think that it helped Bailey learn to pull up. She wasn't showing any real interest until we set this toy up.
I know it sounds craZy, but then again I am a little crazy, but I think it would be ideal to just have another set of twins.
Crazy, right?
I told you.

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