Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Little Secret Keeper

Coop has been crawling for a little over a month now, he started very gradually and even after he started crawling it was a gradual process that evolved into better maneuverability after a couple of weeks (or days at any rate). Bailey had seemed to be taking her time. She would sit and watch Coop but she didn't seem to be in any hurry to follow him around on hands and knees (if and when she made a go at it she always went backwards never forwards). I wasn't really worried as I know of several babies who didn't begin crawling until the eight, ninth or even tenth month. She is several pounds smaller than Coop as well so I didn't mind having one of them mobile while the other still sat in one spot and played with toys. Then Thursday afternoon I kept noticing Bailey crawl and I thought wow, she is starting to crawl a little. Then Thursday night, she was crawling quite a bit. This weekend she hasn't sat still. She must have been sitting around watching Coop and making note of all his skills so that she could jump right in at his current level. Yesterday, everywhere he went she was sure to follow right behind.

You know what I think? I think she's known how to crawl for awhile and she just didn't want to let us in on it until she had it 100% down.

Surprise, Mom!

And Coop, well everything is a competition with Coop. If she has a toy, he wants that toy. If she is in my lap, he wants that same spot. If she is crawling for a book, he will crawl faster. This twin thing I can see it being a lot of fun and a lot of sibling rivalry. Now that she is crawling he is pulling up on everything and starting to walk along the couch and the Jungle Center, always staying a step in front of her, that's Coop.

But what all of this really boils down to is how in the world could it be September in less than a week? How can our babies be almost 8 months old? How can they both be crawling already? This is the fastest year of my life. I wish I could slow the time down, any suggestions?


ivy lou said...

Bailey looks super cute-and awesome. I wish I could see them in person.


Ward and June said...

She is pretty cute and awesome, I wish you could see them in person too, maybe soon. You should have stowed away in Grandma Pam's suitcase, we have a really sweet guest bedroom :)

Aunt Alexis

wesley's mom said...

If she had stowed away in Grandma Pam's suitcase she would have probably gotten a concusion when Uncle Jon drug it down the steps and broke the wheel off.

Grandma Pam seemed a little unhappy with JT, that NEVER happens.