Saturday, August 9, 2008

The One That Should Have Been Posted Months Ago

I have three digital cameras. I have my Nikon D80 that I love and use daily for about 93% of my pictures. I have a Fuji Finepix E510 that was my first digital camera that I got when I graduated from college and use to be my sole digital camera for several years before the D80. I also have a Kodak Easy Share that my mom bought me this past Christmas to take pictures of the twins, the quality was not quite what I was hoping so I bought the D80. The Kodak stays in the diaper bag because it is small and I always have a camera on hand. The Finepix is used when I want a smaller camera but some quality. The Kodak and Fuji cameras sit around too long before I upload the photos to the computer, for that reason I am just getting around to posting pictures of the twins first time at the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean.

Bailey in her car seat, I love close-ups, when they are of someone other than me.

The stinker, I mean thinker.

This is everyone who went to the beach that day, my sister's family is in the background and my brother and his girlfriend are right behind Todd and Bailey.

I wanted some footage of Bailey in the water and then this happened. It is very short and you may not be able to tell what happened but Todd put her in the water right as a wave was coming. At the time it seemed like a bigger deal.

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