Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why I Love Having Twins...

Believe it or not, twins aren't bad at all. There were a couple of weeks in the beginning when I felt like I wasn't spending/getting enough one on one time with each of them and feedings were, well feedings were the most difficult part of the twin equation until I decided at five months to spend all week 'teaching' them how to hold their bottles, and life has been great ever since.
They are not actually dressed alike, it only appears that way. They had other T-shirts on but I was afraid they would get sweet corn casserole and green beans on them so I took them off. This is after dinner.
They are already fighting over toys. Coop will crawl over to Bailey just to take a toy from her and then he drops it as soon as she stops fighting for it back.
Bailey asking me to step in.
Coop telling me not to.
They sat down at the same time, well Bailey pulled him down with her and he didn't throw a fit about it. It is a lot of fun just to sit back and watch them play, if they let me. If I get down on the floor it becomes lets crawl all over mom and pull on her shirt hour.
They love this toy. We bought it so they would have something 'safe' to pull up on and they really love it and all the noises. I also think that it helped Bailey learn to pull up. She wasn't showing any real interest until we set this toy up.
I know it sounds craZy, but then again I am a little crazy, but I think it would be ideal to just have another set of twins.
Crazy, right?
I told you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can I Have a Quarter For A Can of Corn?

Bailey is finally in size 2 diapers! Yipee! And she can finally fit into those 3 month jeans!

I don't think they look that small but yesterday at The Children's Place a clerk asked how old they were and when I said they were 7 almost 8 months old, she told me they looked really small, I don't know if that is because they are twins and people just think they should be really small but I don't think either of them looks that small anymore but then again I see them everyday and it is hard to imagine that they were ever 5 or 6 lbs.

They eat all the time, at least it seems that way at night. They really enjoy their baby food even though I think it is gross and I am still a little reluctant to give them more solid foods but I think next week with the 8 month mark I am going to start introducing more 'table' foods.

Bailey is also pulling up now! She may be small but she doesn't let that hold her back.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Little Secret Keeper

Coop has been crawling for a little over a month now, he started very gradually and even after he started crawling it was a gradual process that evolved into better maneuverability after a couple of weeks (or days at any rate). Bailey had seemed to be taking her time. She would sit and watch Coop but she didn't seem to be in any hurry to follow him around on hands and knees (if and when she made a go at it she always went backwards never forwards). I wasn't really worried as I know of several babies who didn't begin crawling until the eight, ninth or even tenth month. She is several pounds smaller than Coop as well so I didn't mind having one of them mobile while the other still sat in one spot and played with toys. Then Thursday afternoon I kept noticing Bailey crawl and I thought wow, she is starting to crawl a little. Then Thursday night, she was crawling quite a bit. This weekend she hasn't sat still. She must have been sitting around watching Coop and making note of all his skills so that she could jump right in at his current level. Yesterday, everywhere he went she was sure to follow right behind.

You know what I think? I think she's known how to crawl for awhile and she just didn't want to let us in on it until she had it 100% down.

Surprise, Mom!

And Coop, well everything is a competition with Coop. If she has a toy, he wants that toy. If she is in my lap, he wants that same spot. If she is crawling for a book, he will crawl faster. This twin thing I can see it being a lot of fun and a lot of sibling rivalry. Now that she is crawling he is pulling up on everything and starting to walk along the couch and the Jungle Center, always staying a step in front of her, that's Coop.

But what all of this really boils down to is how in the world could it be September in less than a week? How can our babies be almost 8 months old? How can they both be crawling already? This is the fastest year of my life. I wish I could slow the time down, any suggestions?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Am Having So Much Fun

So I got a Backdrop Stand and a backdrop off of ebay and they arrived today, using my remote I got a couple of shots with the twins, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, I am having so much fun. Did I mention that I got a SB-800 speedlight for my camera for my birthday? That along with Lightroom seems to make all the difference. I am still learning, I am still quite the novice and hours upon hours can disappear in this stuff. Tomorrow? Tomorrow we set up the lightkit my brother gave me.

Monday, August 18, 2008

So I Finally Got Photoshop

All I have been able to do is change the color on these things and I feel like I am going to have to learn a new language, but I am so excited. I already feel like my pictures are better.

Coop before a nap.
My friends son on a recent 'picnic'.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

I used to think that neither of our kids looked like either one of us, but having looked at some pictures of Todd the other day I am beginning to think that Bailey may resemble him more than I thought. I am going to try and scan and post a picture of Todd as a baby, but I think there is definitely a resemblance.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To The Pool Again

I think this shot is hilarious, his pose says "Yeah, I'm ready, let's go Mom."
Todd and Bailey with swim shoes, little girl gets Pool Toe.
Coop and Uncle Ricky.
I don't really have a brother named Ricky.
Splashing Mom.
Going Home.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Car Seats

The twins got new car seats. We are still using the Graco carriers in the Sequioa but we got new Britax car seats for the smaller SUV. So far I really like them. Coop also got new shoes, have you ever seen cuter chucks in your life? I used to have a Converse key chain of a shoe that was almost this size!
I love Bailey's car seat. Her carrier is black and I am really digging the more girly, but not overly girly, seat.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Growing Too Fast

Poor Coop, he wants nothing more right now than to stand up on his own. He is pulling up on the sofa, in the bathtub, in his crib by any means possible (his daddy's leg hair, knocking his sister over, pulling toys over on top of him...) so we went to Target to get something that would entertain him and help him pull up. Well we found this Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle and it seems to have done the trick, for the time being anyways.

I can't believe they are seven months old and that Coop wants to be standing so badly. He gets really mad and frustrated if he can't stand. He probably spent too much time in the Jungle Jumparoo when he was four months old.
Bailey seems to like the new toy too, especially the colorful balls.

Our modest little girl.

This orange onesie and and this orange monkey are not going to help me ward off all of the commenters who tell me Coop resembles a monkey, now that I think of it, neither is that mouth formation.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The One That Should Have Been Posted Months Ago

I have three digital cameras. I have my Nikon D80 that I love and use daily for about 93% of my pictures. I have a Fuji Finepix E510 that was my first digital camera that I got when I graduated from college and use to be my sole digital camera for several years before the D80. I also have a Kodak Easy Share that my mom bought me this past Christmas to take pictures of the twins, the quality was not quite what I was hoping so I bought the D80. The Kodak stays in the diaper bag because it is small and I always have a camera on hand. The Finepix is used when I want a smaller camera but some quality. The Kodak and Fuji cameras sit around too long before I upload the photos to the computer, for that reason I am just getting around to posting pictures of the twins first time at the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean.

Bailey in her car seat, I love close-ups, when they are of someone other than me.

The stinker, I mean thinker.

This is everyone who went to the beach that day, my sister's family is in the background and my brother and his girlfriend are right behind Todd and Bailey.

I wanted some footage of Bailey in the water and then this happened. It is very short and you may not be able to tell what happened but Todd put her in the water right as a wave was coming. At the time it seemed like a bigger deal.