Sunday, August 10, 2008

Growing Too Fast

Poor Coop, he wants nothing more right now than to stand up on his own. He is pulling up on the sofa, in the bathtub, in his crib by any means possible (his daddy's leg hair, knocking his sister over, pulling toys over on top of him...) so we went to Target to get something that would entertain him and help him pull up. Well we found this Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle and it seems to have done the trick, for the time being anyways.

I can't believe they are seven months old and that Coop wants to be standing so badly. He gets really mad and frustrated if he can't stand. He probably spent too much time in the Jungle Jumparoo when he was four months old.
Bailey seems to like the new toy too, especially the colorful balls.

Our modest little girl.

This orange onesie and and this orange monkey are not going to help me ward off all of the commenters who tell me Coop resembles a monkey, now that I think of it, neither is that mouth formation.

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Anonymous said...

did you mean my first day of school?! haha, well it was not that great. I don't like it at all haha. All my really close friends go to another high school and my mom and dad won't let me go there so i'm a little bummed about that. Hopefully it will get better. I just gotta give it time :D Cute posts by the way!