Monday, July 26, 2010

Bailey 20 months old

Today I imported all of the pictures and videos off of my small Nikon camera that I bought last year to take to Arizona but that I hardly ever use. I have however been using it more recently to take to the pool. Anyways, I imported the pictures and found that some of the pictures and video were from last fall, including this video of Bailey taken 10 months ago. I don't remember her ever being that small and cherub cheeked so it's nice to have this as proof.

What we've been at all month long.

It's been nice and hot here lately so we've been doing the pool, either at Hill City or at a friend's house, several times a week. Sean, as well as his big brother and sister, can't get enough of the water.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Morning's mischief makers

Time sure flies by when you're having fun and I reckon mostly what we do is having fun.

Bailey and Cooper continue to amaze me with their vocabularies and speech. Cooper is big on adjectives and it's always "a big one truck" or a "a yellow one bus", it just dawned on me that I guess there's a little bit of math going on there too. Bailey is full of phrases both cute and otherwise, "I don't think so" being a favorite of hers. She is very happy being the sole sister as she told me yesterday she would like two more brothers for a total of four, but not five. Sisters, she'll have none of those, please. Their conversations regularly have me in stitches. But their recall is amazing at this age to the point that I was shocked last night when I told Bailey she could come to Walmart with me. "I want to ride in the car" she said, referring to the carts with steering wheels. When I informed her that Walmart didn't have car carts she retorted, "Oh, so we go to Kroger because Kroger has cars." Her logic was so plain and simple she won me over. We went to Kroger where fortunately for me, milk was on sale. Unfortunately, for her all the car carts, in demand as they are, were currently taken. Little girl, bless her exhausted little heart, wasn't too happy about that.

Cooper, our daring bounce house jumper, trampoline tackling, roller coaster rider, would have nothing to do with Sunday's loud firework display. He actually asked to go to bed, for Cooper that was a first. Bailey held her own (and was thus held by everyone around at least once) until past 10:30, also a first around here. She got flashy Fourth of July jewelry as well, so it was a pretty good day for her.

Then there is Sean. A far more calm and easy going baby then I recall either of the twins being, and for this we are more than thankful. His sweet disposition makes his new found allergies even more disheartening. We have confirmed that he is allergic to eggs, milk and soy. The eggs being the biggest allergen has probably caused most if not all of his eczema that has ailed him for months now. In just a little over a week his skin is looking better with just the eradication of eggs from both of our diets. I have continued to eat some dairy but his skin and tummy seem to be handling that just fine. I have bought a few egg and dairy free products for us to try and have started to make his own baby food. It is only a little more work and I find that it gives me more control over what he eats, and we all know how much I love to garner control. However, I will say that homemade baby food smells and tastes much better than the Beech Nut and Gerber varieties. The other day Sean got only a smidgen of the banana puree I made for him because Bailey and Cooper swooped in like vultures and ate up all the banana puree before Sean could decided whether or not he liked it. This morning we have just blanched peaches for his breakfast, we will see if they are successful.

Sean is crawling everywhere, standing alone on occasion and walking with assistance. I have spoken with him and let him know that I see no reason for him to walk before his first birthday. He has kindly told me, mostly with his eyes, that there are several reasons to begin walking asap. Namely, to get away from Cooper's grasp quickly, and to reach the red ball, or the Tonka truck, or the stairs. We will let you know when steps are taken.

The parents are still running, not as much as before but we do have several races coming up ahead including our first adventure race in two weeks. We are busy playing and teaching the twins as well as working, cleaning, and having fun as time allows. We aren't nearly as interesting as our children though, so back to them.

It has been hot here, maybe not as hot as El Azizia, but pretty hot nonetheless for us four seasoners. So we've been frequenting the pool, the 'city pool' as Bailey calls it. A month ago Bailey and Cooper were frightened of the water, not several sessions later and with the added comfort of Puddle Jumpers they are little fish. Cooper can float by himself in waters deeper than him and will jump in the pool by himself. Bailey, who is almost always a little more timid, loves to jump in the water if you catch her before she goes under. She also likes it if you 'swim' her across the middle size pool. Today, the burning temperatures may send us in the city pools direction.

But first we must get on with the peaches.