Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seaner is 1!

Last week we went to Duck, North Carolina for our big vacation of the summer/year. It was a perfect time to go as it was the only week Uncle Tyler and Jordan had off all summer long but it was also a packed full week of birthdays and anniversaries for our family. Monday was my birthday, Wednesday was our 9th anniversary and Friday was the Big Day otherwise known as Sean's first birthday. We celebrated with a Duck Donut, glazed with sprinkles for the big man who is allergic to most things. I'm not suer the donut was completely dairy or egg free but it seemed better than a cake with icing that surely would have been full of both. He loved the donut, I will try and post pictures or video later. Duck Donuts are possibly the best donuts ever. Ever. And I love donuts so that is saying a lot. We went 3 times during our vacation. And we only found them on Wednesday. I ate 10 powdered donuts. Yes, they were that good. But back to Sean. We spent the day mostly lounging by the pool or splashing on the shoreline. In the afternoon we went to a restaurant that was overly priced and not so tasty, I won't name them. Afterwards we went to Jockey's Ridge, the coolest place to watch the sun set ever. I've been going there for 17 years and yet I never outgrow that large pile of sand. Here we carried out the rest of our day rolling in the sand and trying to get that perfect picture of our family. We came home with buckets of sand in our hair, pants and shoes, but no perfect picture. Here is an OK one of only three of us.

I know Sean will never recall this first birthday but it was very monumental for me. Remembering that big day last summer when he finally arrived. The joy and sheer happiness. All the perfect days since. All the trying days since. And the perfect and trying days to hopefully come our way. It also marked my year goal of breastfeeding. It's time to wean. And gain 25 lbs. Our at least cut back on the powdered sugar donuts.

Now we are home, unpacked and moving on to the next thing. Seaner's first birthday party. We are having a party this Saturday. It's soccer ball themed and I've been searching for the perfect, OK more like doable, dairy free cake and icing recipes all week. At least he doesn't know what Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake tastes like.