Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just the Other Day

Just the other day I told Bailey, "Now dear, we are going to take your picture today and I would like you to smile."

"But Mom," she said, "you know I hate to smile for the camera." "I know, but just once, for me?" I replied.

"Um, OK, but only one" she said.

So I snapped this shot, which I don't really think is a smile and I started to try and get another one of her really smiling but...

She shook her fist at me and said "NO, MOM, you already took a picture, NO MORE or I will get angry!!"

So then I took another, and then she got angry and started to cry. "You broke your promise" she bawled, "NO MORE PICTURES". "OK,OK," I said, "If I don't take any more pictures will you please just calm down?"
She snifled and replied hesitantly, "Alright, that's a deal."
So you see folks, I really, really tried to get one of her smiling. It just wasn't in the cards for that day, or the next, or probably the next few.


wesley's mom said...

The fist shaking is so bold.
She looks too sweet to be such a sassy back-talker. My kids didn't start that til around 9 months.

I really love seeing the pictures, but they are making me miss you guys alot. I am dying to hold the babies and bring them over to my house and give them some jello water (so they will know that I love them the most).

blah blah blah said...

I know. I feel the same way (though holding out on the jello water would be OK by us). I have been trying to convince Ward that we need to take a trip out there this year but it just doesn't look like it can be done.

Any chance of any of your clan :) coming this way?