Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So the last time I went to Bunko they threw a shower for the three ladies who had babies (two of us in Jan) and one who was pregnant (had her baby this weekend). They gave us a basket of goodies, including a bottle of wine that has since beaten up my fridge door, a wine glass that says Bunko Babe (hand painted of course) and these cute shirts for the twins. I finally got around to sending a picture thank you to the babes of bunko.


wesley's mom said...

I can't stand it that they are so stinking cute and we are so stinking far away.

I cannot believe your family did not BEG you to be allowed to hold them.

blah blah blah said...

I know, they are so weird! I was telling Todd how when we used to come out there I sometimes felt weird asking to hold the babies. He said that's why I just picked them up, I never asked. No one in my family held Bailey or Cooper on Mother's Day either. Except my mom who was holding Bailey and made her cry.