Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day

I realize I have not been very good about posting updates but I'm big, busy and tired so please excuse my lack of posting. I was going to post pictures of our trip to Arizona and California but now, almost a month later I realize that task is just to massive to handle right now. So we had a great time, the kids loved Disney and getting to see everyone. OK, shall we move on? Great.

Last year for Father's Day I had a lady who makes cakes make a cake for Todd. Then we hid it and surprised him after family dinner. Unfortunately, for me Todd doesn't like cakes or surprises. I was angry at his lack of enthusiasm and declared that I wasn't going out of my way for Father's Day anymore. So this year I had my brother and his girlfriend go out of their way for someone who isn't even their father. Worked out beautifully!

I wanted to get Todd flowers for Father's Day, but not any old flowers. I wanted to get him Daisies from Edible Arrangements, that is until I saw the price. I was pondering the idea of making them myself when Tyler and Jordan offered to do it for me. They stayed up late the night before Father's Day dipping dozen pineapple daisies, not all of which made the arrangement. Then they snuck it over Sunday morning while Todd was helping move my mom. When he got home that afternoon he smiled and said 'how much did I pay for that?'. To which I replied $85. He was about to go into cardiac arrest when I told him the truth. He was quite surprised and he loved the chocolate dipped pinapple, just like we thought he would.

If you want to get Todd something special, it's pineapple. That morning for breakfast he was going to eat pineapple and I told him that he couldn't because I needed the pineapple for the kabobs I was making for dinner. So when he was out packing up my mom do you want to know what he had for lunch? A pineapple fruit cup from Sheetz. So when he got home to his flowers that afternoon all he had had to eat all day... was pineapple.

Here are some pictures of the arrangement that only looked like this for about 10 minutes, at which point all the cantaloupe was gone as well as half the pineapple. Did I mention our kids love pineapple too?

The super big mug says "World's Best Dad, Hands Down" and has Bailey and Coopers hand prints on it.

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Mommy of Many said...

The arrangement looks really good. Edible arrangements can be a little pricey. Lucky for you that Tyler and Jordan offered to do the work for you.