Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When a package arrives

For Christmas, as all of you must know by now, Bailey got an apron from Aunt Sue.  It was a big hit.  Really big.  There was only one drawback to be seen.

There was only one of them.

And you see when you take to wearing your apron morning, noon and night including meals, it’s bound to get dirty and need to be washed.  Your brother, who is possibly a bit jealous of your good fortune, will take to pointing out that your apron, being worn nonstop, is dirty.  Your mom will have to wash it despite your insistence that it isn’t ‘durtee’. But then you might reply ‘I need another one’.

If someone as awesome as an “Aunt Sue” hears of your woes, she may just make you another one, perhaps even two and one for that pesky brother of yours.  Which is nice, because as soon as you get it in the mail, you’ll want to put them on, despite the fact that you’re eating a rather messy snack of cinnamon sugar bites. 

But of course there is little to fear when you have almost as many aprons as days of the week.



Thanks, Aunt Sue, you rock!

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