Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our little Lady
















Last Christmas Bailey got a most adorable outfit from Gymboree courtesy of her Aunt and Uncle.  It was a cute dress with matching stockings; size 18 months.  Bailey being a wee little thing has just now grown into the dress, over a year later.  Just last Wednesday she wore the tights for the first time and unfortunately, the last time.  Within minutes of playing at Romp and Roll she had torn holes in the tights by rolling down a padded incline and getting caught on some Velcro.  The holes, being quite small, wouldn’t have had to be the end of the tights.  However, on the car ride home our little lady spent her time in her car seat to see to it that the holes were increased…about ten times over.  When I was getting her out of her car seat all she replied was “I did it, Mommy.” 

I decided to snap a few pictures of the tights as I have a feeling Bailey is going to take after me when it comes to dresses, and our little girl in dresses may be a dwindling occurrence.


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YulleCunha said...

Beautiful children, adorable, I do not write English very well, but I think I can express. Congratulations!