Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Dinner

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Last Sunday these two really cool people had us over for Family Dinner in Blacksburg.  It was awesome, they made my favorite foods:

023 pizza, pasta and brownies.  Yummy. 

And of course some of my favorite people were there, the host and hostess, as well as these cuties:



017 090

We had a super awesome time.  So much so that we’re (the kids and I) are going back on Wednesday for more.   

The previous evening we had the Seafood Dinner.  That is the annual Christmas feast that my mother’s family has every year.  Where the food may not be our thing, we enjoyed getting to see everyone, especially Donna and Ben who were up from Florida.  I will try and post some photos from that dinner as well but this us my favorite from the evening…


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