Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Times They Are A Changin

I can't believe that one week from today Bailey and Cooper will be three.


How did this happen? I promised myself if wouldn't. That I would find a way to keep them young and small. But then I got busy with cleaning up toys, and mopping floors and endless laundry and reading Blackberry Mouse six dozen times and now here we are and my babies are turning three.

I can't stress this enough, how quickly time is flying by. But if you're already a parent you already know and if you aren't there is no way to convey in words how true a statement it really is.

I wanted to record a few things, write them down someplace so as not to forget. So here I go.

Bailey repeats everything. Already this is dangerous but sometimes it's quite cute. Especially when she says "I really love this song" or "We don't like Taco Bell do we Mom?" Other times it's less cute, as when she repeats that line about Grandpa being a big kid...while he's here visiting. Today she referred to her babies as James and Judah, the sons of a friend of ours, last week one of the baby names was Alexa also the name of a friends child. She got two strollers for Christmas and a baby doll and I can tell you that would have been enough. She also got a carrier that has gone everywhere we've gone since Christmas. The baby doll's name? Trouble. Thanks to Todd for that one. That a hoot to hear about, "I've got to get Trouble, Mom." "I like Trouble". And so forth.

Cooper is talking tons too. And he got a lot for Christmas. Lightning McQueens and Spiderman and Parking Garages but what is his only interest? Bailey's strollers. If I hear them screaming over a stroller one more time I will hear them screaming over a stroller one more time. Because I don't seem to be making any headway on convincing them to share or honor each other's personal property. He is developing a few oddities that I hope change quickly. He HAS to have his hands washed a lot but then HAS to have them dried completely or have a meltdown. I thought that maybe he would potty train easily because of this. Nope. Not so at all. He had five accidents this morning before I just threw in the towel and put a diaper back on him. But we did get to wash our hands twelve times this morning. So that was fun. Fortunately for Cooper he's one of the sweetest and cutest little buggers I've ever seen and so logical over everything else that I know in the end he'll be just fine. Every one has to have some oddity, right?

Sean is growing. I mean I think he's finally gaining weight, yay! He is in awe of all of the goodies that have come into the house but his attention span is still so short that any toy is a great toy for 35 seconds or less. He goes on Monday to the allergist so we'll be praying for good news. Here's hoping that at least he can switch to soy milk. He is also getting a new tooth and has a bad diaper rash and I often find myself spoiling him because he just seems to have it so hard. I know later he will be a terror and Bailey will constantly remind me that it was all my doing and we are so unfair to her. Or Cooper will say it. Or some nice lady I've never met at Kroger will say it. Point is, sooner of later I'll probably hear it from someone and I'm just telling you now, I know it's all my doing and he's had a tough time of it so I don't feel guilty about it.

Except I do a little. Because I drink guilt for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.

I feel guilty for example that I don't blog more. So maybe in 2011.

Or maybe not. We'll just have to see how it goes.

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