Wednesday, April 2, 2008

...And We Rolled!

So Cooper has been rolling over from his tummy to his back if I prop him up just right on his elbows. But then last night he did it all on his own, without my guidance whatsoever. This morning during tummy time he did it again. So I said, hold up Coop, let's get that on camera for Dad. Now, why I didn't use the camcorder to record it I don't know, but this way everyone in the blogisphere can witness the Coop in action.



Rolled Over!

Seems a little stunned, doesn't he?

This spotlight on Trouble was powered by Nikon. Inspired by Amelia.


Hoolie said...

Looks like we're moving right along. It's so fun to watch them grow and change. How is your peanut doing? Hopefully, she is having more luck putting on weight.

wesley's mom said...

Your camera ROCKS!! That is some fabulous shutter speed for a digital camera!!

Your boy is pretty talented too.

blah blah blah said...

Bailey is putting on weight but still behind her brother. She is eating a good amount and spitting up less.

It is a fabulous camera.