Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bailey Talks!! (Ok, Not Really)


This is my first attempt at uploading video on Blogger and I don't think it is terrible though the quality is a little distorted. But those of you who have never met her will get the idea I think. She babbles like this several times a day and I just love it. Cooper is doing the same thing right now but he doesn't ever do it for the camera.


wesley's mom said...

I'm pretty sure she's saying "where's my aunt sue? I heard she's going to be my favorite."

Ward and June said...

It does sound like that.

wesley's mom said...

I knew it.

wesley's mom said...

Would it be weird if I watched this everyday?

What about if I sent a video of myself so Bailey and Cooper could get to know me?

What if I asked you to play recordings of my voice while they are sleeping?

Ward and June said...

I am meaning to get more video up for you, I will try sometime this week but I am new to all of this stuff.