Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goats are Good Fun

...if you're a toddler.

We have visited a local orchard here in Virginia three times in the last five days. Maybe it's because of my love for apple crisp, or the desire to overuse my nifty apple peeler/corer/slicer I got last year for Christmas form my mother-in-law. Could be the feeling of guilt that overcomes me when I think of my grandmother not getting her Stayman apples.

But really it's just the way that Bailey responds to the orchard's pet goats. Even after her fourth time there this fall she still thinks they are amazing.


Anonymous said...

aww..my girls loving petting animals too..

visiting via MBC followers club!following you now. Do follow back!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Hey this is ivy'
This is not about your blog even though baily and copper look like real cuites anyways I just wanted to say that Uncle Todd I really am sorry about your bunnie but when ever I'm at my freind Rylee's house we always take her bunnie(s)
out of its cage,its really fun,my point is that I still want a bunnie