Saturday, July 26, 2008


Once upon a time, a few days ago, in the far off kingdom of Bedroomland

For as long as anyone can remember there had been peace in Bedroomland, and Cooperman and Baileygirl had co-existed in harmony with all of the Stuffed Folk. But that was all about to change.

One day the Monkey King found out about a new law that the Parent-Folk had enacted. Furious about this blatant discrimination and lack of representation in the legislative process, the Monkey King gathered all of his minions and decided to wreak havoc on Bedroomland.

Cooperman and Baileygirl went to the Council of Teddy Bears for advice on how to handle this uprising. Baileygirl could see immediately that these Teddy Bears were nothing but a bunch of clowns. "Let's go Cooperman," She said. "These crackpots can't help us."

"Mount up Cooperman, we'll have to go all the way across Bedroomland to find someone who is wise enough to help us."

"Who could that be?" wondered Cooperman.

"Where to my Super-Sister?"

"We have to ask the Elephants," she said. "They never forget anything, so they must know alot."

They tirelessly rode their trusty mounts, Giraffe and Lion, all the way across Bedroomland without even stopping for a nap until they had made it all the way to Far Corner.

They sought an audience with the Elephants, and asked them what they should do about the Monkey crisis. The Elephants just sat there is quiet deliberation.

"I don't like the feel of this Cooperman," Baileygirl said. "I think it's a trap."

And sure enough, the Elephants were in league with the Monkey King, and it was a trap.

"I'll handle this," Cooperman shouted.

He grabbed the biggest Elephant that he could and began to give him a savage beating.

"Take that!"

Cooperman threw the mighty Elephant all the way to the Moon. After they had dispatched the mightiest Elephant so easily, the rest of the herd fled in fear and Cooperman and Baileygirl set out to confront the Monkey King himself.

They hadn't gone far when the Monkey King appeared in front of them.

"Can't we talk about this?" the Monkey King pleaded.

But before Cooperman and Baileygirl could reply, they realized that this was yet another ambush.

"Look out!"

Little Monkeys were coming at them from everywhere, but our heroes were fast and strong.

Cooperman jumped on the Monkey King and they began an epic battle that will be talked about in Bedroomland for generations to come.

Eventually, with the help of his most clever sister, Cooperman was able to subdue the renegade Monkey King, and they made him promise to not get into anymore trouble.

With that adventure concluded, they hung up their capes and had a bottle and a nap.

So until next time, remember to be good.


wesley's mom said...

Baileygirl is so wise, seeing right through those teddy bears like that!

I love how Cooperman kicked everyone's butts, but I hope the stuffed animal rights activist don't find out that he sent that elephant to the moon. He could get fined or something.

Ward and June said...

What kind of a sicko would stuff an Animal Rights Activist?


Jaidyn said...

That was so funny! As soon as i get a new camera i am going to get a blog!! :) YAY! They are SOO CUTE! Cooper and Bailey have gotten so much bigger since we were there! THEY ARE SO CUTE!


Leanne said...

Thanks for writing this.