Friday, July 25, 2008

Today's Top 5

I just love Bailey and Cooper's eye colors. I often find myself running around the house cleaning and whatnot and the jumparoo will get quiet and I know immediately...

that Coop has fallen asleep.
We got a wonderful basket at our Baby Shower with two robes for the babies, a pink and blue one for 0-9 months. Well the twins are hurriedly approaching 9 months so I figured they had better start getting some use out of these robes before they quickly outgrow them. Unfortunately, many things have been outgrown and seldom used.
Like the Return of the Jedi blanket. Todd thought it was his all along. It isnow, but it hasn't always been. It belonged to my cousin Chris when he was really little (and the movie had just come out) and when my little brother was born it got passed onto him and somehow I ended up with it.
The car says it all.

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