Sunday, October 12, 2008

You Asked For It, You Got It...Weekly Update

What a seemingly long and endless week. Sunday the twins were nine months old. To celebrate, sort of, we (I) decided to have a photo shoot. It didn't go so well. We started with Halloween Costumes, I didn't post any Halloween Photos here because those of you who are close to us will get one in the mail via a Slim Line Holiday card from Ritz, they weren't cheap so I am not going to spoil all the fun by posting the pictures here. I didn't get any great ones and after the Halloween Costume session the photo session fell apart. Maybe we'll try again this week. Here is Bailey minutes after our photo session. This was all that she still had on of her costume.
On Monday Bailey and Cooper decided to ransack the diaper bag and Mom didn't stop them. Instead she egged them on by filming it.

On Tuesday we went out with Great Grandma Lois. We were hungry and something possessed me to go to Red Lobster. The kids had a huge melt down and I was so flustered. Unfortunately, there are no photos of that enlightening experience.
On Wednesday I decided I wanted to finally clean the house after several months of not doing so. I thought a good place to start would be the cleanest room in the house, the Formal Living Room. I decided I would take every single book we own off of the shelves and dust. Todd added more braces to the sagging shelves and I was going to put the books back on the shelves the next day.

This picture doesn't do the mess any justice.

On Thursday I woke up sick. The end. Really sick. Grandma Pam came over and helped us though and we all survived, there are no pictures from Thursday. Friday I had to put all those books back on the shelves.
All week Cooper has been standing and Todd makes him walk everywhere. He loves it.
All week I have been dressing Bailey in clothes I think are adorable. I think I am the only one who thinks they are adorable.
On Saturday Todd was sick. Because it was finally clean I decided while Dad and Cooper were sleeping I would introduce Bailey to a room in the house she has never been in, The Living Room.

She loved it. Especially all of those games I kept asking her not to play with.
Also on Saturday we finally started decorating for Halloween. We bagan work on new Tombstones (our origianl ones were lost in the fire, I mean thrown away when we moved here). Tyler and Jordan have been coming over and helping with the tombstones the last few weeks and they look far better than our original ones but I am getting worried they won't be done in time for Halloween.

This is Jordan working diligently.
Her best work and my favorite tombstone. Todd, Tyler and Jordan didn't believe that the Potters died on Halloween, I had to get out the books and prove it to them. Harry Houdini also died on Halloween.

Todd made these Pedestools but not the Gargoyles. We still have a lot of work to do and Bunko is this week at our house so it should be another interesting and busy week we are going into.

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sue said...

Ivy loved Baileys outfit. She knows about fashion so I'm sure you're okay.

The tombstones are great. I don't seem to have the ambition to take on any projects like that these days. You're lucky to have helpers.