Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What we're into now.

A week from today Bailey and Cooper will be 10 months old. They are getting so big and their personalities are really showing. I try and record a lot of what is going on in their lives in a journal but I thought I would share some of the things going on in our home.

Bailey and Cooper are no longer on bottles. Last week I went to Romp 'N Roll on Monday as usual and I was talking about middle of the night feedings and how sometimes Bailey and Cooper would wake up and want a bottle and I would put them back to bed with a bottle and every single mother there jumped on me about giving a baby a bottle in bed. I felt terrible. Really. I felt like the worse mother ever who was allowing her children's nonexistent teeth to rot. I decided that I didn't want to ruin my children's teeth so I would change this immediately. I decided that as of Monday night they would have sippy cups, no bottles and that they would have to learn to go back to sleep on their own, and pronto. Now over a week later our children have not had a single bottle in over 8 days and they have not had a night feeding. I thought it would be terrible for them. Turns out, I was the one who was debilitating my children. They were ready for it way before I was apparently. Sure, they still wake up but I let them fuss it out and only once have gone in to check on them, they fuss a little and go back to sleep, often times easier than I do. I had been jumping up and making a bottle and letting them feed themselves as soon as I heard them cry at all. I am only a new mother, I don't know everything but I learn quickly, or so I think.

Since then Bailey has gotten four new teeth. Apparently, they were just staying hidden from fear her mother was trying to rot them out before they exposed themselves. So she now has six teeth. Four on top and the two bottom. Cooper still has only four, two top, two bottom.

Thanks to all those teeth the twins are eating and eating everything in sight. Like their mom, they love bread and things closely related to bread, toast, waffles, rolls, etc., etc. They also love fruit and puffs and Cooper is a fan of Carrot Wagon Wheels. Actually I had been on a huge goose chase looking for more Carrot Wagon Wheels when I eventually found them yesterday at Wal-mart after looking at Target, three grocery stores and Toys 'R Us. I aim to make them happy.

Speaking of Wal-mart. I have started taking the kids out more by myself. It's fun but can be rather tricky because I have to either use the double stroller or find stores with double carts. Sam's is my favorite because of their double carts. We have done Target on our own several times and we have now done Wal-mart. If you have small children Wal-mart baskets suck. Unlike both Sam's and Target where the children are seated higher and side-by-side, Wal-mart's seating is lower to the ground and the children sit across from one another. Bailey was tired. Cooper was kicking her. Over and over again. Bailey was crying. Cooper was laughing. Bailey's screaming was so bad that when I was waiting in line they opened a new line for me to go through even though there were loads of other people in front of us and in other lines. I don't know if it was the sleepiness or the kicking but the child was bloody unhappy. It was not fun. But then Wal-mart is never fun.

Though they fight over toys and kick each other in shopping carts they also have a lot of fun together. Yesterday, I had them in their room while I was putting laundry away and every time I walked past from the Guest Bedroom to our Bedroom (I have a system, not entirely efficient but a system nonetheless) they were laughing and chasing each other and what almost appeared to be tickling (I know where to stand so they can't see me but I can see them playing). It was really touching. It's things like that display of affection that make me delighted they are not going to be only siblings no matter what the future may hold.

Bailey has a terrible diaper rash, worse one either of them has ever had. We called our pediatrician yesterday and they called in some Greers Goo without us even having to make a trip in, I love Dr. Mutch. So far I haven't seen much difference but it has been less than 24 hours.

I don't know if it's the rash or the teething but Bailey wants to be held all the time and Cooper most of the time. She cries for me to pick her up and I am torn between letting her cry it out or picking her up and risking 'spoiling' her. I don't mind the crying but I also don't want to appear cold so I have been trying to do a little of both. Funny how much thought I put into it when all she wants is for me to pick her up.

Neither of them are walking yet but they LOVE their little tikes Walk 'N Rides. Cooper likes to push his from the side instead of the back so that the wheels are being pushed across the floor instead of helping him move. Bailey is right along side Cooper pushing hers. She can stand up for a few seconds longer on her own then Cooper. Everyday they get closer to walking I am torn between them walking and continuing to crawl. Cooper can get his leg over his Walk 'N Ride and sit on it by himself and move it a little that way. He can also push it up to a cabinet, stand on it, attempt to open a drawer and proceed to fall. Over and over. What a routine. And the pantry, which almost always used to be open, is their favorite "No" spot. They know when the door is open, they appear to be magnetically attracted to that room and all the goodies it has to offer. More than a couple times a day I find myself removing one or two children and one or two Walk 'N Rides from the pantry. You would think I would just keep that room closed but it is a hard habit to make for some reason.

All in all, our children really do rock.

Here, see for yourself:

That is not a brush, it is the case that holds their forks and spoons.

Now it needs to be washed.

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sue said...

I think I say this everytime, but they are so stinking cute.

You are a great mom figuring that bottle thing out at 10 months with your first babies. I am too embarrassed to even tell you about our bottle/sleep habits. Lets just say some people still sleep in our room on occasion.

I want to a picture of a "carrot wagon wheel", what the heck is that?