Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween #1

In celebration of All Hallow's Eve my Dad and Grandmother came in from out of town, we bought several bags of sugar packed candy and brought the coffin out to the front yard. Grandma Pam also came over and brought my maternal Grandmother as well. Todd and I dressed up as Vampires and as we do every year, we got the yard set up like a Graveyard. We also brought out our potions and concoctions and our large cauldron of "witches brew". We had 37 trick-or-treaters and only one of them said thank you audibly enough to hear them. Several of the kids were so rude that I thought about asking for their Kit Kat's back, but refrained.

After trick-or-treating ended, my sister Erin, her husband Chris and their son Xavier came over with pizza and my brother Tyler and his girlfriend Jordan came over as well. Pam had brought salad fixings and a huge tray of sweet goodies for dessert. We were too busy eating to get any pictures of that portion of the evening but all in all (there it is again) I think the twins had a pretty good first Halloween, even if they don't ever remember it.

We have soo many pumpkins!!

Doesn't Pam take a good picture, I always think so. Have I mentioned I hate having my picture taken? I do, I am always afraid I really look like the person I see on film, too frightening, even for Halloween. Pam really liked that 'witches brew'.

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James said...

LOL. We had the same exact costumes for Truman and Amelia. Couldn't keep the ladybug hat on Amelia...