Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Past 19 Months, Brought to You By Alltel

My cellular telephone had been falling apart for some time when last week it stopped charging. It would lie to me and tell me it was charging, but I knew better and then it would die. At first there was a battery removal drill we would do, but by Thursday of last week that wasn't even working. So last Thursday afternoon, in the pouring rain, I went out to get a new phone.

My old cell was purchased on April 2, 2007 and was a Razor or something to that effect. I took pictures all the time when I was out with it, but the quality was never any good and I could never get them off of my phone. My new cell phone also has a camera in it, I was a little sad that I would be losing all of those photos that I had taken over the past 19 months, especially the ones taken April 18th, 2007. The lady at the cell phone store sold me a nifty card for my camera and we were able to transfer some, not all, of my old photos and then I came home and was able to put them on my computer. Here they are, in no order what so ever.

This is Cooper the first time he ever sat in a high chair. We had gone out to take pictures in Altavista and stopped in to have a bite to eat (Did you know Altavista now has a Wally World, Scott? We didn't eat there, but it was close to where we ate.). Coop is such a nut. We used to use those cart covers all the time, now I NEVER use them, what a waste or resources, don't you think? Or maybe you don't think so, but I still do.

Same day, same kid.

Same day, different kid. This is Bailey who was also having her first high chair experience in a restaurant. She doesn't even look nervous.

This is Xavier Brandt Colbert, my nephew, born April 17th, 2007. These were taken the day he was born, or really the day after, because he was born so late, but in his first 24 hours.

Same kid, different day. This is my nephew on October 17, 2007. Exactly six months old. His Daddy had a dentist appt. and I went over to watch him and he was all smiles and all I had was my cell phone.

Bailey and Cooper last spring in a Lowe's Shopping cart. They were sooooo small.

This is Coop at Target (can't you tell?) He LOVED that hat!

This is the first and only picture on my new phone. That is our daughter Bailey driving the Escalade even though she looks like a boy. We got "Those boys are so cute" like eighteen times that day. It is Cooper's sweatshirt and my hat but her sweatshirt was dirty and we had to go to Toys 'R Us. Bailey was screaming and laughing, she loved this thing. Cooper seemed really nervous and kept looking behind him. I couldn't catch them both looking at me.

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