Friday, November 7, 2008

First Trip to the Orchard.

When I was a kid I loved going with my parents to Morris Orchard, especially right before Halloween to get out Pumpkin and a peck or two of apples. We even bought our Christmas Tree from Morris Orchard every year I can remember us getting a tree at all. We didn't make it to the Orchard before Halloween but we did manage a trip up the next day with my Dad and Grandmother.

One of my favorite things about the orchard as a kid was feeding the goats and donkeys and seeing the rabbits and other animals. As an adult it seems a lot more cruel and inhumane but we took a moment for the kids to see the goats and we even paid the quarter for the less than handful of pellets. Cooper and Bailey did think the animals were cool and got a chance to pet them.

Then we headed over to this squash that was as big or bigger than Cooper.

And then indoors to pick apples. Inside the orchard are big crates of every kind of apple you can imagine and you pick your own. Most of them are priced the same so you can mix and match. I got a big of Granny Smith apples and we made the Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings that night. I also got a bag of Stayman for eating. My Dad and Grandmother picked a half peck of Arkansas Black's to make a pie when they got home.

Bailey and her Daddy.

We then headed over to Fairview Christian Church where my sister was selling baked goods to raise money for the churches Christmas Float for the Lynchburg Parade.

And my brother-in-law was performing with the church band 24/7.

There was also a yard sale going on inside. We almost bought Cooper this lovely hat but then we didn't.

Our nephew Xavier was there and he wanted to give Coop a big hug, it was adorable.

The rest of the afternoon we spent playing Ticket to Ride, I kept wanting to play again in hopes that I would win but I have a compulsion to keep taking tickets that inevitably costs me the game every time.

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