Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Babyhood Graduation

Coop is changing and growing so fast, Bailey is too, but Coop looks so much older than Bailey. More and more people ask us what the age difference is and not if they are twins.

Coop, like Bailey, has big news for you. On Friday night Coop took his first steps. The moment was Precious Moments designed and seemed to come right out of a Hallmark store. Todd and I were encouraging him to walk from him to me and vice versa. He didn't walk to me the first time but on his way back to Daddy, he took three steps. I thought (hoped perhaps?) it was a fluke, but he was doing the same occasionally over the weekend. The thing is, you can't make him, he has to want to do it all on his own. I haven't been able to get it on tape, but this is him a few minutes after his first steps on Friday.

That is how he walks with the car, not from the back but from the side, oh the noise it makes.

On Saturday, we took Cooper to get his first haircut. As you can tell in the picture immediately above and below, he sort of needed it. He was getting a little curl in the back that was sitting on his neck so we decided to take him to a barber shop. On Saturday morning we went in search of one. I turned down the first few because they weren't authentic enough but finally I found just what I was looking for. A genuine barbershop complete with church pew seating as you waited. I asked the lady at the front if they did children, she said yes. Then I asked her if I could take pictures, she said yes, so I went to the car to get the rest of the family.

Doesn't it just look so authentic and nice...and cheap.
This is Coop, before the ceremonies began.

This is Bailey, looking on while her brother gets his haircut. At the rate she is going, she won't be getting a haircut before she graduates from college.

This is the chair. In the background is this old vacuum they use to vacuum your hair, everyone in my family enjoyed watching that get used on other people. They didn't use it on Coop.

And then he was up.
He did really, really good. I was a little worried but it went really well. He was curious what was going on behind him, so it may not be the straightest cut.

He even smiled for pictures.
The lady who cut his hair put some aside for me to keep. I had brought along a sandwhich bag. Really.
The complete look.
He got this certificate, which in my opinion, was an added bonus for me. It says "This is to certify that Cooper Thomas has bravely met the requirements of receiving their first haircut and has graduated from babyhood on the 8th day of November in the year of 2008." If I'd known this was the graduation into toddlerhood, I may have waited a few weeks.
This is Coop and his sister on Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I like the dissheveled look, but I also like the 'I'm old enough to have had a haircut' look.
If only his bangs were straighter.

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