Friday, December 12, 2008

Beaver Boy

Whenever I go in to get the twins after naptime they are always standing up in thier cribs waiting for me. They aren't usually crying and I only know they are awake because they are 'talking' and laughing back and forth between their cribs. The other day I decided that when I went to get them from their nap I was going to throw open the door (which I normally do, which induces a huge smile) and snap a picture (of the huge smile). So my plan went ok and I got Cooper's big smile as I opened their bedroom door, but then I noticed something...

He seemed to have something dark on his face, especially around his mouth.

To my dismay it appears he has been chewing on his crib. I don't know for how long but they usually aren't in their cribs for very long before or after they are asleep, I don't know how he got all this damage done, if it was just that day or if he'd been working on this surprise for days, working a bit at naptime and at bedtime.

The damamge:

These were beautiful cribs that were supposed to be able to convert into toddler beds and then double beds. They weren't cheap. Now I'm really wishing I had gone the Jenny Lind $109 crib route that you can buy a $10 crib teether bar for. What was our solution? The only thing that would fit, a Fireplace Guard from Burlington Baby Depot.

So far it's worked and I haven't had any more wipes that looked like this:
Bailey's crib, it has no signs of damage and thus has no need for the silly looking Fireplace Guard.

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sue said...

That is some kid! Sylvan was nervous when he saw the brown face. Let's just say there are worse things than chewing on your crib.