Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Week Recap

The twins turned two last Tuesday and we spent the whole week celebrating. Tuesday we had a special birthday dinner and a train cake. Grandma Pam, Tyler and Jordan came over and we let the twins open their big birthday gifts from us. Then on Saturday we went to Chuck E. Cheese in Roanoke with Tyler, Jordan, Dani, Erin, Chris and Xavier. I will say that is was a wonderful visit, busy but perfect for our kids age. Then we went to Build-a-bear thanks to Uncle Scott and Aunt Heather and their girls and made a Polar Bear named Goliath for Cooper and a Bunny named Thumper for Bailey. Then Ed and Charlene met us for some shopping and dinner at Red Robin. But the weekend didn’t end there. Sunday we had a birthday party and lots of Bailey and Cooper’s friends were able to come to their Monkey Party. I will try and post some of the pictures from their party later, but for now here are some from their actual birthday.

In no particular order...
Partaking in train cake. They were topped with candy pieces. Cooper really liked the M&M's which I think was the first time he had ever had them. They didn't melt in his hands but...
Getting ready to sing happy birthday twice.
Birthday dog. Max really, really wanted some cake.

Eating their birthday dinner that actually happened before cake, even though I know they would have liked it the other way around.
The train cake. It was actually a bunch of cupcakes. I was hoping to make it look a little more like Thomas the Tank Engine but I am more a baker than an artist so this was what they got. I also made a butterfly for Bailey but it isn't too pretty.
Two years old!


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That (cup)cake is awesome.