Monday, January 18, 2010

Talking, talking, talking.

The twins vocabulary seems to be increasing by leaps and bounds every day. They seem to repeat most of what we say to them and surprise us often with things we didn't even know they had heard or learned, they know for example who Elmo is even though they have never seen an episode of Sesame Street.

Bailey woke up this morning and said "I want to get out of bed." By the time we got downstairs she had said no less than five times "Happy Birthday, Anya" getting louder each and every time she said it. Anya's birthday was last Thursday.

We had lunch at Olive Garden with a friend of ours who is expecting a little boy in six weeks or so and we had just sat down when Bailey started hollering, using no voice suitable for any indoor environment, much less a restaurant, "I WANT salad. I WANT salad."

'Want' may just be her favorite word next to her favorite phrase, "Mine, Cooper, mine." Apparently, everything belongs to Bailey from her little brother to her big brother's thirty train cars.

Bailey can recall her ABC's if you say them ahead of her and she can sing the chorus to Vampire Weekend's 'Cousins'. Phone is 'pone' and shirt sometimes seems to have an almost silent 'r' but overall she talks very clearly.

I am sure that it is because I spend most of every day with her but she talks more than any other toddler I have ever known. However, I am loving it. For now. Ask me again in six months and I may have another answer.


wesley's mom (sue) said...

That's amazing that she can say "I want salad." I have a 14 year old who has NEVER uttered those words.--And possibly never will. Do you think he needs speech therapy?

wesley's mom (sue) said...

ps~I love her sweater. Does it come in my size?

Rae Ann said...

My daughter was a big talker from a young age, too. Now that she is almost five? My ears are bleeding a little from the constant onslaught!