Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Tradition

When I was little we didn't do a lot of Holiday Baking at our house. I remember one time making cookies with my mom during my ENTIRE childhood. Are you weeping for me yet? Just kidding. However, my mom did make one thing almost every year when I was young, Rice Krispie Treats. Because of this my sister and I still love these simple treats. I make them every year, but only at Christmas, and usually give my sister half of them after I've snatched half for myself. Yesterday I made my yearly batch with Cooper's help.

Cooper and I often are at odds, I find that he almost focuses his attention on getting me worked up. Usually naptime is when he's at his best. Yesterday I forsook any 'alone' time for the day and allowed Cooper to skip his nap completely. Instead he helped me make Rice Krispie Treats. What a wonderful experience. He was very helpful, pouring in the ingredients as needed and putting away the things we were through using. And he was very proud of the finished product.

We also made Homemade Granola Bars, that while tasty, don't hold together very well when cut. Bailey loved it crumbled over yogurt for an afternoon snack though. I think we may have found a 'granola' recipe but not a bar recipe. Our kids love Quaker and Fiber One Granola Bars so I will continue on the hunt for a homemade granola bar that we all enjoy.

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