Monday, December 19, 2011

Next thing you know they'll be living in a shoe.

Bailey and Cooper have been talking for quite sometime now but recently they have started concocting the most fascinating and hilariously funny play scenarios, or at least to their mom, who to be honest, doesn't get out that much anymore.  In order to preserve these moments in hopes of sharing them with high school graduating classes and possible boyfriends we have broken out the camcorder more and more lately. I love catching them when they don't know I'm recording them. However, other times they come right up to me in hopes of an impromptu interview.

Just yesterday I learned that not only are Bailey and Cooper going to get married, ten girls they'll have and eleven boys. They said this with an air of assurance and went off to decorate their 'kitchen' for Christmas.

I've yet to figure out exactly how to format the footage I'm capturing for your viewing pleasure, perhaps I have to use YouTube? But as soon as I figure it out, I promise to share.

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